When will the repair to my vehicle be complete?

Because of the many steps involved in collision repair it is difficult to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete repairs. Completion time is dependent on insurance approval, parts availability, and compensating for any supplements that may not be included in the original estimate. These are only some of the steps involved in the repair of your vehicle, and each step may occur in its own time frame, making it impossible to determine an exact completion date. For this reason, Reflections Auto Body recommends that customers with an available internet connection monitor the progress of their repair job online from either work or home to get daily updates on their vehicle.

What is the warranty policy of Reflections Auto Body?

Reflections Auto Body offers a lifetime guarantee on all repairs performed by a member of our team.

When and to whom do I pay my deductible?

Unless otherwise specified, all deductible payments should be made to Reflections Auto Body upon completion of repairs to your vehicle.

Can the shop help bury my deductible?

No. when you purchased your insurance policy, you signed a contract saying you will pay the first amount of the claim up to your deductible. Repairers should not be asked to hide the deductible. That practice would consitute fraud by both the shop and the consumer.

Will used parts be used on my vehicle?

Our auto body repair estimates are done using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. However, some auto insurance policies will pay for only used or aftermarket parts. Check your insurance policy or ask your insurance agent if you have any questions. Reflections Auto Body can use aftermarket parts, but they will be thoroghly inspected here for their quality and fit.

Do I qualify for a free loaner?

If you do not have rental coverage, are not a claimant and have full coverage insurance on your vehicle then you qualify for one of our free loaners.